Saturday, October 24, 2009

new things, 10 months later

Tom and I have been putting our work together. Just like us, it fits. Of course, Tom's jewelry is so good, it really doesn't need my input, however, my glass enamel does give it a certain flair.

Jewelry really isn't my favorite work, I love 2D, but it seems the jewelry is what is selling at the moment. All of our shows this fall have been successful and I was especially pleased that some of my 2D work is being noticed. I love the heat. The kiln and the hot plate along with the ground glass for enameling and the beeswax for encaustics, pigments, brushes, oils and found objects give me a feeling of freedom to finally be myself.

Monday, March 9, 2009

What the River Caught

things wind up
on our river bank
trash nobody needs
things bizarre
black silt and weeds

a swan, her mate
for just a day
bobber and a hook
broken glass
a page, a book

the river always
brings his catch home

Redheaded Lady

She reminds me of "Bette" though not intentionally. This is one of a series of women I am working on. Only 5 X7" on copper. I had such a work streak going and accomplished quite a lot since I last posted. If I hadn't been interrupted by having to do my taxes, who knows what I could have accomplished. My left brain is such a nuisance.

Life is good none the less.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Today found me eager to work on my enamels. I have in mind just what I want to do new for the next Final Friday at the Pendleton Art Center and the Kentucky Market on Feb. 19-21. Once I decide on my project and method to accomplish it, I am frantic to stay with it. Sorry to say, that didn't happen today. I needed to work at the shop and although it was a very slow day since school was cancelled and the forecast was dreary, I was able to print quite a few reports I will need to close the books on 2008. This was a relief. Just knowing I will be able to breathe easy in a few weeks once the accountant has all the figures is liberating.

My art of enameling and painting consumes my passion and my thinking. It is all I want to do. I would probably be content to never leave the house and stay in the studio the entire day. I know I have to push myself to have a life besides my studio. It is comforting that my husband is as caught up in his metal work and jewelry as I am in my pursuits. We did manage a getaway Friday and took a drive to the lake to check on the cottage. It was a beautiful day, sunny and I thought sweater weather. Nellie (our border collie) went along for the ride, too, and had quite a long nap.

My painting today, is a little river town, watercolor. It is actually just a little practice piece.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Red Bowl

This six inch square enamel piece is on hammered and abused copper. Thin copper only 24 ga. was hammered on broken pebbled concrete and gouged with other blunt instruments before I cleaned it and enameled it. I used my prefered method of sifting ground enamel and leaving some copper exposed to firescale and burn. I love the effect of the over fired glass. It gives such lovely edges and ages the piece adding interest and dark areas. I have this piece mounted on a 10" X 10" wooden box that is painted and aged also. You can see this piece on my website

Friday, January 23, 2009


Art is a big part of who I am. Art fills my mind and my hands most of my waking hours and many times my sleeping hours, too. I haven't always had the time that I've wanted to paint. Many times I've stayed up in the wee hours to fulfill my desire to put color to paper, canvas, whatever. I'm obsessive that way. Whether it is painting, enameling, writing, or reading, once I start, I can't stop. Sleep calls me, but I do not hear it. When I finally give in and wind my way toward bed, I am peaceful. My mind has been calmed by the painting, enameling, writing or reading but the clock reminds me that morning will come soon. I'm glad, for sleep is only a dream.