Friday, January 23, 2009


Art is a big part of who I am. Art fills my mind and my hands most of my waking hours and many times my sleeping hours, too. I haven't always had the time that I've wanted to paint. Many times I've stayed up in the wee hours to fulfill my desire to put color to paper, canvas, whatever. I'm obsessive that way. Whether it is painting, enameling, writing, or reading, once I start, I can't stop. Sleep calls me, but I do not hear it. When I finally give in and wind my way toward bed, I am peaceful. My mind has been calmed by the painting, enameling, writing or reading but the clock reminds me that morning will come soon. I'm glad, for sleep is only a dream.


  1. Good writing, but Grace, art for calm?

  2. Strange that I find calm in this thing called art? After denying it for so long, it is indeed calming to feel at all.