Monday, January 26, 2009

Today found me eager to work on my enamels. I have in mind just what I want to do new for the next Final Friday at the Pendleton Art Center and the Kentucky Market on Feb. 19-21. Once I decide on my project and method to accomplish it, I am frantic to stay with it. Sorry to say, that didn't happen today. I needed to work at the shop and although it was a very slow day since school was cancelled and the forecast was dreary, I was able to print quite a few reports I will need to close the books on 2008. This was a relief. Just knowing I will be able to breathe easy in a few weeks once the accountant has all the figures is liberating.

My art of enameling and painting consumes my passion and my thinking. It is all I want to do. I would probably be content to never leave the house and stay in the studio the entire day. I know I have to push myself to have a life besides my studio. It is comforting that my husband is as caught up in his metal work and jewelry as I am in my pursuits. We did manage a getaway Friday and took a drive to the lake to check on the cottage. It was a beautiful day, sunny and I thought sweater weather. Nellie (our border collie) went along for the ride, too, and had quite a long nap.

My painting today, is a little river town, watercolor. It is actually just a little practice piece.


  1. Some practice piece, though I understand what you say. I understand your passionate intensity, too, and having to push yourself to leave the house. Tell yourself that you need to for inspiration!

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