Saturday, January 24, 2009

Red Bowl

This six inch square enamel piece is on hammered and abused copper. Thin copper only 24 ga. was hammered on broken pebbled concrete and gouged with other blunt instruments before I cleaned it and enameled it. I used my prefered method of sifting ground enamel and leaving some copper exposed to firescale and burn. I love the effect of the over fired glass. It gives such lovely edges and ages the piece adding interest and dark areas. I have this piece mounted on a 10" X 10" wooden box that is painted and aged also. You can see this piece on my website


  1. Quite bowled over by some of the exhibits in the galleries. Thanks for leading me here. The blog is absolutely splendid.

  2. So sorry not to have acknowledged your kind comments sooner. Too bad that time is taking away my politeness and gratitude.